WEB-RECYC is an innovative company in the field of upgrading bricks and technology.

Our unique transactional platform, allows matching between a DONOR and a BUYERWe value the eco-responsible consumption and recycling of bricks from the field of contruction, each DONOR will receive a tax receipt for his gift of brick

We serve the Montreal area and the surrounding area. WEB-RECYC also offers the appropriate box service for the recovery of your bricks as well as the transport service according to your needs.

We value the nobility of bricks!



The mission of WEB-RECYC is to give brick a second life, a noble building material with unique characteristics, thermal capacity and exceptional durability.

We offer a unique and effective experience to our donor and buyer clients with whom our ecological and eco-responsible values resonate.

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Our team has developed a simple and effective tool that allows us to have a concrete reading on GES that we avoid when we recover or give away our brick.

Tommy Bouillon (president of WEB-RECYC) explains how and why this tool was created.

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