WEB-RECYC est une plateforme transactionnelle qui vous permet de donner vos briques. Votre don est un geste significatif qui évitera que vos matières ne se retrouvent dans les sites d’enfouissement.

WEB-RECYC is a simple and effective solution that allows you to contribute actively and concretely to the circular economy of the upgrade of building materials.

By donating your brick, you can receive a charitable receipt from our partner Architecture Sans Frontières Québec

Architecture Sans Frontières Québec (ASFQ)

Created in 2008 by the Ordre des Architectes du Québec (OAQ), ASFQ is the official humanitarian arm of the architectural profession.

Be part of the solution with

Support the ASFQ mission
while giving a second
life to the brick!

Your brick DONATION will be valuated to validate if it is eligible for a DONATION RECEIPT by ASFQ.


Here is our video, which explains the different steps for the realization of your eco-responsible renovation project with WEB-RECYC.

because with a video everything is easier!