WEB-RECYC innovates in the field of upgrading BRICK.

Our transactional platform allows matching between a DONOR and a BUYER.

Together, we are the simple and effective solution for an eco-responsible construction or renovation in the field of masonry in Québec.

the steps for a perfect match!



of your brick



of your bricks



for donation and purchase


WEB-RECYC offers the rental of box for the recovery of the brick on your construction site to allow a buyer to upgrade your brick.

Recycling well is not complicated!



the dismantling

To remove the brick without damaging it: 

Insert a cold chisel into the mortar bed joint with a hammer or with a flat blade pneumatic hammer 

– The bricks must be placed in the green bin at the height of man

– Never throw the bricks, they may be damaged.

– The brick must never exceed the perimeter of the green bin.

what to put in the green bin


Only the brick in good condition and the mortar attached to it.

– No element other than brick will be accepted in the green bin.

example of rejected materials:                                          

– Prefabricated concrete element, lightening, steel lintels, metal anchors.

– No conaminants (oil, black paper, tyvek, wood, insulation, etc.)

– No decorative or structural elements in natural stone.

For efficient upgrading of bricks, we only accept complete bricks in good condition.


what to put in the black bin

– Prefabricated concrete element (lighters, lintels)

– Damaged bricks,

– Decorative or structural element in natural stone

– the elements must never exceed the perimeter of the black bin.

positioning of the discount & collection boxes



The owner or contractor of the work must be on site at the time of delivery. Adequate space must be determined even before the carrier has arrived.


Bins must be arranged as folows: Door from bin to street opening for forks to street and less than 1m from street, at least 3m from any other obstacle. 

Make sure the door is properly closed or your bins cannot be picked up. all containers with material on the outside or on the container will not be collected. Put your bins on the side of the road 24 hours before collection.

You must meet the criteria for the placement ot the bins, if this is not the case, they will not be picked up and additional charges will be charged.


contract and receipt for tax

A well-completed contract ensures that you function properly at the various stages.

The procedure for the tax receipt will be explained in the contract.


We collaborate with the company MAÇONNERIE GRATTON that is certified with the necessary equipment to offer you a complete and turnkey service for the removal of your brick that will be upgraded.

The work may also be done by your contractor.


WEB-RECYC provides a delivery service for your BRICK DONATION or your PURCHASE of bricks.

For your purchase it is also possible for your contractor to pick up your order directly from our warehouse in Montreal.


When your brick is acepted in the process of BRICK DONATION, a charitable receipt will be issued by Architecture Sans Frontières Québec (ASFQ)

ASFQ developed a program to recover donations of new and used building materials. This allows architects, contractors, individuals and businesses to have components in an environmentally friendly, inclusive and even cost-effective manner.

Instead of ending up in the garbage, all donations accepted under the circular economy program are then given back by ASFQ to support community projects or resold for its mission through our partner company Éco-Réno.

Voilà un des nombreux avantages à donner votre brique afin de lui donner une deuxième vie !